All children, regardless of circumstance, have the right to pursue any future they imagine. Family First has a clear vision for how we can create opportunities for positive change for young high-achievers.

We believe that by intervening during important formative years, interfacing with kids in a memorable and meaningful way, and instilling positive values conducive to academic and professional success, we can inspire an entire generation of creative problem-solvers motivated to make important contributions to society.

Los Angeles is a city built on legacies. 

What will your legacy be?

+Where Does Your Donation Go?

  • After-school programs offering safe and constructive environments
  • Tuition costs for STEM Education programs for high-achieving children
  • Costs of other FFF programs which we offer without high fees
  • Transportation costs which increase accessibility of programs to low-income children from all around the Greater LA area
  • Support for our proprietary "roadmap" curriculum and booklet
  • A small portion of your donation is allocated to administrative services and future fundraising efforts

Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today.

Contribute to brightening the future of a young high-achiever wishing to pursue their dream. We can't make this kind of impact alone.

Our programs are supported by the generosity of those who believe children are the future and trust our methods to guide them to success. We offer our programs fee and tuition-free, making them more accessible to those in vulnerable demographics and underserved communities who need them most.

We need larger-than-life supporters to contribute the funds to keep our programs going, expand our reach, and improve the futures of as many high-achieving children as possible.

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No amount is too big or too small.

When you make a contribution to the Family First mission, you join a group of passionate citizens committed to supporting to development of underserved communities in California.

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