LA FUTURE @ UCLA Gymnastics "I'm Going to College Festival"
to Mar 6

LA FUTURE @ UCLA Gymnastics "I'm Going to College Festival"

Family First Foundation's LA FUTURE program has partnered with UCLA Athletics and the "I'm Going To College" festival, one of the nation's most successful university youth outreach programs. 

Join us on March 5, 2017, at 10:00 am, on the UCLA campus outside Pauley Pavilion, to participate in a fun and exciting event aimed at promoting college to the youth of Los Angeles. We will create a great atmosphere for kids to feel comfortable around college students, enjoy guest speakers from UCLA Gymnasts (including two Olympic Gold Medalists!), and play fun games with other kids. 

The event is an engaging way of getting kids involved in the University Experience, inspire them to believe in their own potential to attend college, encourage kids to pursue higher education! 

Family First participants will be supported by our passionate staff, will receive our proprietary LA FUTURE "Playbook" which teaches the values, habits, and strategies necessary to success in higher education, and will enjoy free admission to the event (as tickets permit).

We at Family First Foundation believe in the UCLA mission, and have partnered with them since 2000 to bring higher education to underserved children around LA.

From their website: "UCLA's I'm Going to College program has touched the lives of thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students across Southern California. This unique program, offered to Southern California school groups, couples the excitement and tradition of UCLA Athletic events with a message about the importance of higher education." 

If you're interested in attending, get in touch! We will allow children and families on a first-come first-served basis. We look forward to seeing you!

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