LA FUTURE is a team building focus on at-risk youths by teachers, athletes, sports community & corporate citizenry and role models all dedicated to building the foundations for a successful future for kids throughout LA.

With the support of almost every major pro sports teams & local universities these events are unaffordable for at-risk and indeed many many middle class family's. We provide cost free attendance to venues most at risk youth families could not afford to attend and mentors/speakers 'educate' under the guise of fun. 

12-18 events annually provide tickets to pro-sporting, art and community events with , transportation t-shirts and the like where education under the guise of 'fun' starts with special guest speakers and youths signing a 'collegiate pledge'.

All youths are given our proprietary "FUTURE Playbook", a step-by-step "road map" booklet that shows exactly how to excel academically from elementary through college which combined with determination and hard work shows how they too can be an "Academic All-Star" and get college Scholarships.





The most visible role models, influencers of our time beyond a parent are professional athletes, brands and entertainers who have a inordinate sway and powerful influence with today’s youth. We utilize this larger than life impact with help from the Dodgers, Rams, Clippers, Disney, Sparks, LA Galaxy, LA Shakespeare, Warner Brothers, Disney and many more who also provide role models, educating under the guise of fun at our events to create 'teachable moments' around the importance of college and academic goals. LA FUTURE harnesses this dynamic to fire their imagination, teach them to think big,and instill self belief that they too can and will go to college.

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LA FUTURE is a 'team' building program usually held at Universities in settings of "Academic Excellence" and attending complimentary access to exciting athletic events. Where we offer college campus tours, short mentor/speakers, t-shirts etc and a rockin good time along the way.

We have gratefully been supported by colleges and have been a small part of UCLA's " I am going to college" events for over 15 years. Where youths get to meet the university and FFF youth ambassadors from sports teams, robotic & nano-tech, chess and newspaper activity clubs all there sharing that anyone who is determined can go to college and live the dream.

Attendee's all receive our proprietary 'How to be an Academic All-Star' step-by-step roadmap booklet that teaches kids that with passion, hard work, and commitment, everyone has the ability to be an academic all-star and acquire a college scholarship.

LA FUTURE events…

  • Provide young children a “taste” of the collegiate atmosphere
  • Host speakers and role models speak on the importance of education
  • Instill and reinforce important values under the guise of “fun”.
  • Promote exercise and physical activity, proven to increase academic performance.
  • Parent events where we teach key actions on how to raise "High Achievers" for motivated families.
EDU-FFF Director Dr. Nicoline Ambe Teaching Parents 'How to Raise high Achievers' in action.

EDU-FFF Director Dr. Nicoline Ambe Teaching Parents 'How to Raise high Achievers' in action.

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.
— Nelson Mandela

Youth Event Services:

  • Free admission to local Art, Educational, Community, Technology & Sporting events (Professional or Collegiate) 

  • Influential role-models, speakers, student ambassadors share short stories of how college changed their lives and highlighting the impact of education in their life

  • Collegiate Signed Pledges/Certificates 

  • Private college scholarship list for college.

  • LA FUTURE Playbook (detailed proprietary step by step roadmap to be an academic all-star,scholarship resources support)

  • Transportation, if necessary.

  • Being part of a great team and having a truly rockin’ good time!


We encourage attendees who otherwise couldn't afford such opportunities. We wish to give young people without means a fun and memorable experience, inspire them to envision life on a bigger scale, and experience what they otherwise couldn’t because of the high costs of these events.