Staff and Directors

+Richard Awni Founder and Chairman

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Plug-n-Go Electrixx, Founder, Chairman and Philanthropist of Family First Foundation. Patent holder; International licensing; HR Recruiter-MOFA, Technology & Product Senior Executive of Electra-Tech Mcfct; Regional Brand/Project Manager of MCI Telecommunications; Regional Training Director/SouthEast at DIRECTV;

“Helping others along the way is a lifestyle choice in all that you Do.”

+Lea Ubas President

MBA; Adept in Non-profit organizations, media relations, philanthropy; Community Organizer who serves as the President of Family First Foundation; Office Manager of Electra-Tech Manufacturing, CABE (California Association for Bi-lingual Education) State Representative; Voting Representative of California PTA; Boy Scout Den Mother, a well-respected Peer Counselor, Intercollegiate Debate Team President and Assistant to Dean.

“Managing goals, character building and future academic growth ensures the welfare of the community.”

+Dani Canubas Vice President of Operations

A multi-dimensional entrepreneur who brings top-notch business skills as President & CEO of FORMICIDAE; Director & Trainer in SHOP.COM; Founder & Managing Partner of BroPar; Co-Founder & President of PLUG-n-GO Electrixx. Internationally acclaimed market maker with a strong desire to help others along the way. A father who has put 4 of his kids through college with 2 more to go and *knows the value of scholarships.

“Operating a business is like helping the community, you need passion.”

+Dr. Nicoline Ambe Ph.D. Director of Education

MBA, Ph.D, with 20 years of experience as an Educator; CABE State Speaker, teaching parents nationally ‘How to Raise High Achievers’ at many schools, including guest speaker roles at Harvard. Teacher, Author, holder of 3 degrees who left college debt-free.

“Learning is an endless journey, offer it to the community and see how it grows.”

+Roger Spillman V.P. Strategic Growth

Passion with a purpose. His expertise in technology, business development, corporate governance, growth strategies, and accountability brings a new level of guidance and vision for growth. Wants to share Tech Hub's techniques of engagement to youth leaders nationally. President & CEO of Clear Path Technologies, Adviser/Business Developer of Advent Engineering Inc., Senior Advisor of Advanced Battery Solutions, former President & CFO of Hi-Energy Technologies, Inc.

“Sports and Education truly go Hand in Hand”

+Craig Hodges Director of Athletics

A retired NBA player who attended college basketball at Clemson University before entering the professional league. As a Chicago Bull he was a three-time 3 point shooting champion, 3 time NBA World Champion. Former Shooting coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, Current Coach of the Westchester Knicks of the NBA Gatorade G-League. Advocate for education in underserved communities.

“Excellence in sports, excellence in life, it’s all about education, practice and determination.”

+Ryan A Trevors Communications Director

Nonprofit communications strategist and writer. Brings a futurist, global perspective to media outreach as well as a keen understanding of how to engage with youth. Significant experience working abroad in international development, Masters Degree in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Montana, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and Former Professional Chef.

"It doesn't help to tell people the problem, but instead to tell them a solution and show them the way".

+Tracy Dawn Director Character Development /Spokeswoman

Accomplished Singer, writer with passion and enthusiasm committed to helping the future leaders of the world succeed. Currently writing a series of youth stories for Foundation youths based on the Six Pillars of Character. She is determined to crystallizing these pillars into values with the youth of America.

“Great character can be best shown through action”

+Adele Simonyan, Director Strategic Relations

Passionate and result-oriented research scientist at the University of Southern California whose excitement and drive to help others succeed is an inspiration to all those around her. Her determination to change the educational values of youths inspires confidence in young people that they too can go to college and dream big.

“Amazing communities begin with caring thoughts.”