The mission of our ‘Tech Hub’ experiential project based program is designed to stir the imagination of creative minded less-advantaged students in elementary and middle schools who have demonstrated a passion for STEM, focusing interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Building upon the impact that College-Pro sport Athletes and role models have with youths we believe that major Science and Technology centers of excellence will similarly engage and focus youths excitement in STEM related fields. Public school budgets have virtually eliminated funding for STEM teaching in this age group, focusing on mandated standardized testing, scores and the "Common Core". The skills needed to excel in high-tech industries are missing from our public education systems. 

We believe it is critical to support youth interest in technology at a young age, nurturing interests in an age appropriate method, showing STEM is cool and fun so when they get to high school and college where STEM learning is practiced they are better prepared and interested in a STEM career

In addition to building STEM literacy for everyone, we recruit our highest-achieving and most passionate students for real-world STEM exposure and life-defining experiences.


+Why is STEM education important?

  • STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) make up 13% of total national employment (Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2013).

  • STEM employment will have grown 17% by 2018 (Employment Statistics Agency) and will continue to grow at a steady rate.

  • The average wage for STEM jobs is nearly double the national average for all other occupations (Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2013).

  • According to a 2010 report the number of STEM graduates will have to increase by 20-30% to meet the projected growth of the US economy (

  • Studies show that US College graduates career preparedness for STEM jobs ranks 37th in the world, behind countries like China, India, Japan, and Germany. Brazil may graduate more PhD engineers than the US by the end of next year!

  • In China, a ridiculous 41% of all degrees awarded are in STEM fields, almost triple the US rate. This may not seem like a big problem now, but it will be soon.

The answer is clear! We need more STEM in elementary education!

In America, budgets are decreasing for important age groups. We can be a step ahead by preparing kids now. By the time students reach the age where they start to consider their futures, they rarely have sufficient exposure to important STEM concepts and rarely end up pursuing STEM careers. This limits the student’s earning potential, slows down technological innovation and forces companies to send jobs overseas, hurting our economy!

We have the power to change this narrative forever! Our young people could be the strongest STEM students in the world if we guide kids towards STEM programs, expose them to different fields, build literacy in STEM concepts and prepare students for college.

We also target the highest-achieving and most passionate students for special programs that further STEM engagement and provide real-world experience in STEM fields at institutions of excellence.

+What do we do in TECH HUB?

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The Tech Hub Camp is free and open to any youth in elementary or middle school, this specialized program designed to recruit and support those that have shown an interest in STEM education we can flame into a passion. We build literacy and skills in STEM fields in a format that reaches young learners in an engaging way**.

Our primary instrument for change in the STEM field, Tech Hub is a measurable project-based curriculum developed by MBA/PHd teachers, scientists and educators, taught in an 9-week series that integrates STEM through the use of hands-on project based learning. Build robots! Build + fly drones (requires coding) Do cool science experiments! Make their own videos, Imagine the "what if". Visit Disney Imagineering, Major Film Studios, YouTube, JPL, Griffith Park Observatory and other creative leaders in sciences and technology! We use the magic of Technology to expose kids to science, math and engineering in an engaging and “cool” way. Through field trips that explore the stars and space, cutting edge social media, science, special effects, computer animation, CGI, and “movie magic effects”, we show kids that STEM is important, accessible, understandable and most of all fun!

Tech Hubs staff, role models and mentors will spark students’ interest in scientific inquiry, stimulating creativity and supporting deeper levels of understanding.

+Program Details

Tech Hub is an 8-week program consisting of 8 individual classes, lessons combined with field trips focusing on a particular field of STEM at centers of technological excellence throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our classes will be based out of a Hollywood movie studio, where “movie magic” is an interactive and engaging lens through which to examine science, yes math and technology. Students will build literacy in STEM concepts for the future while learning hands-on how to apply them to various careers. The courses range from 3-5 hours per week. Courses are taught by experienced professionals in STEM careers. Our instructors make science fun, engaging and rewarding and know the right ways to get kids excited about learning.


Tech Hub and FFF seek to empower motivated, high-performing young people between the ages of 7-14 who have expressed interest in STEM in some fashion. Preference is given to those in underserved communities. Students should be curious, responsible and respectful learners. Parents and students must sign a commitment to attend each stage for the duration of the camp. Students should also write a short essay explaining what they hope to learn and one way they wish to help the world (Parent help OK!). At the end of the session all youth attendees will sign their pledge “I Am Committed To Going To College”.


Our Tech Hub camp is free of charge, but space is limited. We can't admit every student every session, but we plan to host 4 per year so you have many opportunities.

To attend the camp, a student must be nominated. Students may nominate themselves or have a parent, teacher and/or school staff person nominate them. Please read the criteria below and submit nominations to: